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In late celebration of this blog’s birthday and a little follower milestone, I wanted to make one of these. I’m glad I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people during my time on tumblr, thank you to everyone who’s stuck around with me! The following are people that I admire and love seeing on my dash regardless if I’ve ever roleplayed with them or not, all in alphabetical order. They should all have a little personal message in the adjacent symbol when hovered over.

I know I’ve been very busy and not around much lately, so I thank all of you for being patient with me. Happy following and thanks once again! o/

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Anonymous asked: It's nice how you don't have to go to school... I like to study.. I just don't like school.

Ya know- school’s not the most important thing in my opinion. Alot of people don’t like the institution and really. I don’t either. But stay curious ‘bout the world! Keep the want to explore what ya like, that’s what studyin’s about!

I mean— I wouldn’t wanna learn for ethics or theology, but gimme plants og their structure og I wanna know everythin’ ‘bout that!



[The blond shrugged his bag up on his shoulder and lead them out of the crowded air port to wave down the prepaid cab.] You’ve always been so good with kids.. Hopefully you didn’t scare their mother too much with your tall tales of your raids.. [Gives him a knowing look as they slip into the back seat of the vehicle.] But ja.. I missed you very much…

[The Norwegian was thankful for the blacked out glass separating the driver from them because as soon as he felt the jolt of the car it was impossible to keep his hands to himself… Soon enough having the Dane awkwardly pinned against the seat and himself, kissing him hungrily.] Stupid—asshole.. [His words breathless as he pulled away to stare angrily down at the wild haired blond.] Don’t make me wait anymore.. I have waited enough for you…

[He laughed out loud at the knowing look, tilting his head back until people shook their heads at him. He truly knew him the best] Nej, think their mor thought I was some weird author or tale teller—

[And with this he took a seat next to his lover, sighing out in content at the climatic air, surely a  change from outside. Though the relaxed feeling didn’t stay for long, not when hungry lips were suddenly pressed against his own parted ones and a willing body was pressing him further into comfortable fabric] Asshole’s a new one— thought ya’d appreciate me bein’ here with ya Noreg. Tsk, tsk. [A teasing game, while his strong hands followed the contour of the Norwegians ripped sides] Though… what do ya want me to do, huh? [Only to travel down again, palming his crotch almost tenderly] Ya’r so hot like this. [True words. Still, he barely touched him at all, rather enjoying the frustration of him right now,]



|It makes him uncomfortable to continue to speak about this, to try and think up a good enough reply to what he wants to know, and he doesn’t even know where to start, so he sits there for several moments, silent.|

|All he can do is wait for Dan to give him on him and his unwillingness, to give up and leave.| 

|He doesn’t have enough faith in him to believe he’ll truly stay.|

[All the fire he has, all the passion, love, warmth— all could burn so brightly. Steadily. If there’s someone who wants it, wants him to share all he can give. When was the last happy moment?]


[The word’s like sweet venom on his numb tongue, urging him to drink more of the syllables, to get drunk of the name he cried out in lonely nights]

I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna be away from ya.




[Annoyed wasn’t quite the right word to describe the redness that crossed the bridge of his nose and cheeks at the contact of familiar lips on his neck… Although he was relieved at the smile that parted that pout of the Danes.]

You took too long.. How was your flight..? [Gods knew how much he missed the simpleton but right now, Søren wouldn’t admit it… No, he would just gather his things and stand as he explained their situation.] I got us a hotel on the beach.. And just a walk from the conference center…Ready? Our cab is waiting..

Too long? Took the earliest I could get without gettin’ into trouble for not sleepin’ enough! [Though the scandalised look he has is in vain as the Norwegian continues to speak] Flight was as borin’ as it could get, just glad I had those kids in fronta me! Kept me occupied through those 13 hours.

[he’s just fond of them, surely enough having a drawn souvenir in his back pocket right now] ya already got a cab? Man, ya’r fast. Og wonderful. Og the best lover I could wish for. [Cheeky grin] Lead the way, my most beloved treasure!




[He’s been waiting for the Dane’s flight to arrive for what seems like forever.] Come on Mat.. [Yawns and flips the page of his book.]

[Oh the joys of international workings… It’s like a vacation and it’s been forever since he’s looked forward to traveling somewhere so warm.]

[How he managed to sneak up to the Norwegian, he doesn’t know, but that doesn’t stop him from blowing a raspberry into his pale neck]

[And yes, his button up shirt is half open, sleeves rolled up to his elbows while sweat already glisters on his forehead] Missed me, skat? [his first question before a smile splits red lips, eyes wandering over his lovers face. He certainly missed him]

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DON’T JUST STRIP IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PORCH! Go around back first, stupid. 

What are ya gettin’ loud for? Ya’r tellin’ people to go in naked with others! [there’s a teasing chuckle, but hey— he complies and goes back around shirtless]

Enter:: Reverse



"No. You’re not." Lukas snapped, shooting a glare towards the Dane. though the moment that cobalt eyes landed on the taller man, they softened. The mirror him (of course) noticed, a scoff passing his lips. 

"Pathetic." he sneered, shaking his head. "You’re just so pathetic." 

"Shut up." Lukas growled, head whipping back around to stare at his copy. Slowly, the copy moved to stand behind Lukas, placing thin, pale hands on the other Norwegian’s shoulders. His lips moved near his twins, whispering into his ear simply so Mathias couldn’t hear. This forced Lukas to look at him, since during the movement his doppelganger had turned his shoulders roughly enough to hurt, making him turn towards the waiting Dane. 

"You love him." It started, smirking. Lukas could nearly hear the smirk thick in his twin’s voice— speaking to him as though it were just a voice in his head. "When he smiles at you and looks so happy… You’re not used to that. Not used to the sunlight, hm? Not used to the warmth that he brings. Is that why? Is that why you’re so drawn to him? Because you want him to shine like the sun you so rarely let yourself see… but just for you? You’re pathetic Lukas. You’re pathetic and you’re a shred of the viking you used to be… So, so very sad.” 

It was torture, really. Hearing his own voice speak to him like that. Tears stung at his eyes as he forced himself to meet Mathias’. “You’re wr-wrong.” He muttered between gritted teeth. But he wasn’t, and Lukas knew that. It was all true— everything this twin of his said was true. And it hurt— it burned like a hot brand right into his very soul. He felt sick; like he wanted to double over in pain. But that was common for him nowadays.

He didn’t like him, no, he loathed the version of the Norwegian with the cruel smirk, eyes knowing something he didn’t. He hated the way Lukas eyes filled with tears, causing his feet to move— he couldn’t stop even if he tried. not like Mathias would, no, this awakened a part of him he thought lost a long time ago.

"Stay away from him."

Words hissed, leaving his chapped lips while a scowl was forming on his boyish features, giving him the age it needed to be the right amount of scary. 

"Don’t care what’s goin’ on but ya’r takin’ ya fingers away from him now." He didn’t know what fuelled his words, nor could he name the emotion playing the strings of his heart as his eyes flickered over the others face, drowning out the twins expression completely. Until he reached out, just to take ‘his’ Norwegians hand, squeezing lightly as if to tell him that it was fine from now on. 

No, he truly cursed Lukas expression int his moment.

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Mathias? What are you doing all the way here?

[towel in hand]

Hot springs! [don’t mind him, he’s just going to strip right there]