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off! expect me drunk later lol

or some Iceland decides to interact with me—

Should I make an Iceland blog or shouldn’t I.

Anonymous asked: For when you come back: You are a wonderful person, and an extremely good RPer. You are my favourite Denmark RPer, no secret there. You must continue being as awesome as you are, and I'll have you know that you're one of the very best I have ever seen. Have a good day! c:

Whoever you are: Thank you so much. Just thanks.
My day certainly ends on a good note now

OFF for now!

allfornorway asked: |He's here and he's just gonna kneel in front of the Dane and hold out a pretty little box.| Marry me.



[Colour drains from his face in the moments he just looks at Kristian, cold sweat covering his skin already]

Who cursed ya?


Isn’t doing it now showing it to you? Sometimes you do not make any sense. |He gives him a slightly confused look.| 

But alright, how would you like me to go about doing this? 

[He shrugs lightly, carelessly] Don’t need to.

KIss me, for starters. Anythin’ will do.

fjordsogmidnattsol asked: [Lukas frowns and whacks him over the head with a stuffed rabbit] ... [then just hugs him; no those are not tears you see in his eyes. Okay, maybe they are, but he's not going to admit that. Not in a thousand years.]



[He’s left speechless for a couple of seconds more, wrapped up in the soft scent of the Norwegian once again. Though, shortly enough he too wraps his arms around him, pulling him even closer than he was previously. The whack was well deserved— he had been a fool]


[Lukas lets out a quiet laugh; it’s strangled and broken compared to how he should sound, but it’s there. He shouldn’t… no, he knows that much. He never should have let himself in the first place; but he does anyway, and that much he can’t lie to himself about any longer.] I know. [As Mathias’ hands slide down his back, a shiver shakes his body. He’s not cold, but the feel of the older man’s fingertips grazing over him feels electric and ice cold at the same time, though he knows if the shirt didn’t separate the contact of skin, it would feel like fire.] I do though. Can’t change that.

I’m glad… ya do. [It’s a little bit of truth, enough to explain why he doesn’t stop this at all, why he longs for it in the first place] Don’t cry, ‘kay? Don’t go anywhere now. [Guilty as charged, maybe he shouldn’t have left in the first place, but he says so now.] Do ya want me to take a step back, Nor? [It’s a two way question, at the wrong answer he may not control himself any longer. Perhaps]


my girl..

both may arouse me

off to unfollow



[Text: Better dad] Cool

[Text: Better dad] What are we even talking about

[text: most precious ass] don’t know

[text: most precious ass] i’m still bored though

[text: most precious ass] i changed my mind, come over og drink with me