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Soulmate AU



The buzzing of the neon sigh outside of his window was almost calming. The glow seemed heavy in the dark room, but Søren found solace in the darkness. It wasn’t often that the Norwegian  found himself laid back this late at night this close to the week. More often than not he was atop a client, filling the emptiness that lingered with them with a sort of faked love.. Even if it was just temporary.. It was a service that society demanded.

A voice called from the hallway. A gentle voice of one of the girls who he worked along side with. “We have you a client…” That sweet tone beckoned which roused the Norwegian, his navy eyes flicking to the script on his arm as he stretched “Drop ya panties.”  The phrase made him cringe.. Of course it would probably be with some lost soul… Helplessly seeking out paid affections.

"Right out…" He beckoned, pulling himself from the couch to smooth his hair and to don something more appealing, low sitting brief seemed simple and sexy enough. It wasn’t unusual for the lean blond to wear nothing at all but tonight he felt as if a sweep of mystery was in order…. 

The walk to the nearly empty bar made it clear who his suitor would be for the evening. Wild blond hair, an etched jawline just completely stunning. Søren would never complain, after all money was money but it was even more worth it when his nightly counterparts were attractive.  And without a word, the Norwegian eased himself between the Danes knees, only to teasingly sip from his drink as he pressed his ass against the provided lap.

The moment his eyes connected with the pale body walking straight towards him, Mathias gulped lightly while loosening up his black tie. There was a spark in those eyes, a hidden treasure perhaps but before he had the chance to mull over the fact, that taunt body was pressed against him. Tantalising may be the better word, the way he sipped on his drink, displaying reddened lips. The need to speak up arose, but was smothered by another males voice. “He wanted a show.” So the bartender remembered.

And that didn’t seem to be in the smaller blonds favour, if the suddenly tensing body could speak for itself at all. “Very well…” The man on his lap stated with a low voice and optioned to take his hand, silently tugging him across the barely lit room into one of the back rooms with swaying music. Not a word was being uttered as he slowly began to dance, sensually following the rhythm of the provided tune while dark cobalt eyes were focused on him. How pathetic he felt for getting aroused by this mere display of seduction.

But he was, slowly, surely, his hand curling and uncurling as he proceeded to watch until he wanted to see more than that. “Drop ya panties.” Mathias didn’t intent for it to sound this crude, but he only had a certain amount of breath. He was holding it, otherwise.



Eh, close enough. 


But you were wondering what it was like to be a mother, right?

*Aw, that’s kinda cute c:*

I was— did I coddle ya up too much? Never felt that way, but thought I’d ask.

[Though to be honest, he saw himself as the older brother the most through their years— maybe except for the last period]

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Soulmate AU

The moon shone brightly at the time Mathias stepped out of the pompous office building, face drawn with a small scowl so rare on his lightly tanned face as he stood just beside the main street with his arm out to call one of the cabs. He was too tired to walk and too fed up to be anywhere near the subway, so he gathered that it was best like that. The deal burst due to the others party unwillingness to take the risk, leaving the young man at the brink of despair mixed with rage.

He had needed this deal to work and now that. Instead of clinking champagne glasses, not like he preferred this kind of alcohol, he was sitting in the back seat of some stinky car with a frustrated body and no one to cool him down. A short glance to his wrist, the black lines even visible in the dim light. That will cost more. Whoever this person was, he sincerely hoped that it was soon. He didn’t want to wait any longer for a person belonging to him alone, fed up with relationships that were short-lived since the one could come along. He had lost one like that, he was in no way hoping for another disaster again.

"Driver, red light district." A decision at last, the Danish man thought with a tired sigh escaping his lips. He could enjoy a body like that, surely, there was nothing wrong in paying for company in bed. Or so he continued to tell himself the moment he stepped outside of the vehicle again, eyeing the bright letters over what seemed to be a mix out of a bar and a brothel. "The Tidal Wave— what a name." A short snort, before he entered the ensemble with a curved mouth and a loose wallet. It looked better from within than the neon lights outside suggested, so by the time he arrived at the bar he asked the bartender for someone to strip for him, whoever they may be— as long as there was something special about them.

You’re like a mother to me already.

What if I wanted to be the dad? [Nevermind, he’s kinda happy— in a very weird way]




[His lips press into a hard line before shrugging him off.]

He was an annoyance because he was needy and a child.. There’s no other way around that. [But he pauses to offer a kind smirk.] I wouldn’t have had it any other way…

And you’re they one who spoiled him… Not me.

But— [ he stops after that sentence and just shrugs carelessly]

Can’t refuse tears og lil hands, ya know that. But ja, I’ll forget about it, ‘kay? [there’s a REAL big smile on his face]

Wouldn’t want an annoyance.

ajappaa asked: /Hi there's a Greenlander curled up on your couch./

[he’s kinda sneaking towards her with an evil grin and—]

[kinda drapes a blanket around her because it got a lil colder over the days]

[what a good big bro]




He was an annoying little shit that followed us around…I think that counts.

[thinks for a moment]

He kinda felt like an annoyance, back then, but ya know— I wonder if it was just ‘cause we were a lot younger.

Felt more like the lil bro who got spoilt a lot [pointed look, but a lil grin as well]




Raised Ice… Isn’t that enough of a connection?

Did it made him ya kid? ‘cause that’s the one I’m wonderin’ ‘bout.




We’re not going through this.

I didn’t mean it like that! Wonderin’ about the connection— like what makes a child yas, ya know?